Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) – Lower Carbon Copper

Cupori’s commitment to environmental sustainability is exemplified through our comprehensive Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) across a diverse range of copper products.

We understand that the future of manufacturing, particularly in the copper industry, hinges on our ability to innovate and operate within an eco-conscious framework. This is why we’ve embraced Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as a cornerstone of our strategy to not only futureproof our company against increasingly stringent European Union regulations but also to contribute to the common good by reducing our environmental impact.

Each EPD provides a transparent view of the environmental impact associated with the product’s life cycle while also highlighting Cupori’s innovative approach to integrating sustainable practices into our production processes.

Understanding EPDs

Environmental Product Declarations provide a transparent, comprehensive account of the lifecycle environmental impact of a product. These documents, verified by third parties, are instrumental in helping architects, builders, and consumers make informed choices based on the sustainability of materials. Under EU regulations, EPDs are essential tools for marketing products across Europe, ensuring that all claims about a product’s environmental performance are both accurate and substantiated.

Cupori’s EPDs: Showcasing a Low Carbon Footprint and High Recyclability

Cupori has put together four EPDs that reflect our diverse range of copper products, each tailored to meet specific industry needs while minimizing environmental footprints:

  1. Cupori 110 Premium: Ideal for general construction, this EPD highlights our use of recycled materials and energy-efficient manufacturing processes, setting a benchmark for sustainability in construction applications. Download the EPD here.
  2. Cupori 310 Medical: Specifically designed for medical gas installations, this EPD underscores the importance of safety and purity in medical applications. The tubes are produced with minimal environmental impact, ensuring they meet the healthcare industry’s rigorous standards. Download the EPD here.
  3. Cupori 210 Ref (Frigo) and Cupori 221 Ref: These copper tubes are essential for refrigeration systems, designed to optimize energy efficiency and reduce operational emissions. The EPD details their lifecycle from production through to disposal, emphasizing their role in sustainable cooling solutions. Download the EPD here.
  4. Cupori 410, 420, 430, 440 IG, 460, 470: Covering a broad range of applications, this EPD demonstrates our flexibility in manufacturing copper tubes that cater to specialized and industrial needs while maintaining a focus on sustainability. Download the EPD here.

The Significance of a Low Carbon Footprint

Our focus on using recycled copper not only reduces the demand for virgin raw materials but also significantly lowers our carbon footprint. This approach is aligned with the EU’s push towards a circular economy, where resource efficiency and recycling are key. By investing in processes that enhance the recyclability of our products at their end of life, we ensure that our operations contribute positively to environmental conservation.

Ready for The Future with Cupori

Futureproofing Cupori involves adapting to and anticipating changes in regulations, market demands, and environmental challenges. Our proactive approach in adopting EPDs and focusing on sustainable production practices positions us as a leader in the copper industry. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about setting a standard for excellence and responsibility that resonates with our customers and stakeholders.

Through transparency, commitment to environmental stewardship, and high-quality copper products, we continue to innovate and improve our sustainability measures. We invite our partners and customers to join us in this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.