Cupori 440 IG

Cupori 440 IG Cu-DHP is a seamless, inner-grooved tube, that is manufactured according to customer specifications. The depth and number of grooves can be tailored. Temper: Hard or light-annealed. Delivery form: Level wound coils (LWC).

Product information

  • Cupori 440 IG is manufactured from phosphorusdeoxidized copper (Cu-DHP) according to standard EN 12735-2 as well as to customer specifications
  • Delivery form: level wound coils
  • Temper: hard (R290) or light-annealed (R220)
  • The depth and number of grooves can be selected
  • Tubes can be delivered capped or crimped closed, if specified
  • Solutions for coil lifting and decoiling equipment are available


  • internal grooving increases the thermal transmission capacity of a tube to 2–3 times than that of a normal smooth copper tube
  • customer can decoil tube directly from the pallet
  • decoiling either from the center or the outside
  • good mechanical properties
  • good workability
  • corrosion resistant
  • seamless copper tube of uniform quality
  • each tube eddy current tested during manufacture
  • 100 % recyclable

Application areas

  • boilers
  • cable shoes
  • district heating
  • filter dryers
  • fittings
  • heat exchangers
  • heat pumps heating and cooling elements
  • industrial gases and carbon dioxide
  • radiators
  • RF-cables
  • solar panels
  • spouts and shower rails
  • taps and supply tubes
  • towel rails
  • other industrial applications

Product range

Outer diameter of tube7,0–12,70 mm
Groove height0,15–0,25 mm
Standard coil weights120/180/360 kg
Minimum coil weight90 kg

Please contact us if your requirements are outside the above range.


Inner-grooved tubes in level wound coils are delivered either with or without cardboard reels, according to customer specifications. The coils are shrink wrapped on a pallet. If necessary, inhibitor can be used, which protects the tubes from moisture and oxidation during transportation and storage.

Height of tube in level wound coils on cardboard reel150/190/240/295/350 mm
Diameter of hole in centre of reel130 mm
Pallet dimensions1050 x 1050 mm or 1150 x 1150 mm
Max. height of pallet2100 mm

Standard dimensions

Outer diameter (D), mmBottom wall thickness (S), mmGroove height (H), mmTotal wall thickness with groove, (T)Number of groovesGroove angle, (αº)Pitch angle, (βº)Weight, g/mBurst pressure, bar