Cupori 130 (White)

Cupori 130 (White) is a pre-painted white copper tube. It is particularly suited for use as installation tubes in heating systems or in visible surface installations, e.g. in bathrooms. A pre-painted white surface lessens work at construction sites, guarantees a smart finish and is easy to keep clean. White copper tubes from Cupori are easy to bend. The tube can be soldered or connected with capillary fittings or with press and compression fittings requiring no hot work.

Product information

  • Pre-painted copper tube
  • Long-lasting white color
  • Complies to EN 1057
  • Temper: Half-hard
  • Supplied in straight lengths
  • Suitable for all plumbing installations
  • Connections with compression or press fittings
  • Pre-painted fittings available on request