Cupori strengthens its business by recruiting Elias Jusslin as Chief Commercial Officer

Cupori, a pioneer in sustainable copper production, has appointed Elias Jusslin as its new Chief Commercial Officer. Jusslin starts February 2024, with a responsibility for developing and growing the company’s business.

Jusslin has a strong background in the export industry and a long working history in the technology sector. Before joining Cupori, he worked in a software company in Oulu and spent 11 years in various sales and management positions in an American technology company.

“I am eager to take up this new challenge. Cupori is a pioneer in responsible metal production. Cupori has a clear vision to innovate and to be the industry leader in responsible and sustainable copper production. I am honoured to be part of this journey,” says Jusslin.

Cupori’s commitment to responsible operations is a key part of its strategy.

“Cupori’s CO2 emissions are around 30% below the overall European level. This is Cupori’s competitive advantage,” says Jusslin.

The company recycles all copper from its processes and also uses surplus copper from metal production in its Finnish home region of Satakunta.

Jusslin wants Cupori to focus more on the needs and wishes of its customers. This will help the company to grow in the future.

“Our goal is to provide the best customer experience, partnership and service while making our operations more scalable. We want to grow the business significantly and, if necessary, we are ready to expand production and recruit more employees. Cupori must be a desirable place to work now and in the future.”

Top quality with a third of the emissions

“All the copper that others have left over from production comes to us. We can make full use of the surplus copper. At the same time, we improve the quality of the copper in our processes,” says Jusslin about Cupori’s production process.

Cupori is much smaller in terms of turnover than many well-known copper producers, such as Wieland in Germany, but the company offers a flexible service and is better able than the big players to meet the needs of small and medium-sized customers, for example by producing tailor-made products for them.

Cupori’s market is divided into two. The markets for plumbing and HVAC products are the Nordic countries, England and Ireland. On the industrial side, Cupori is active throughout Europe.

“Italy is our biggest market.”

“With the rise in living standards, the demand for copper has only increased. For example, cooling appliances and air-source heat pumps need a huge amount of copper,” says Jusslin.

For more information:
Elias Jusslin, Chief Commercial Officer
+358 40 590 4002