Copper for the NEXT generation.

Our upcycled copper has the lowest carbon footprint on the market – without compromising on quality.

NEXT generation copper

Copper isn’t just another metal. It can be smelted and molded anew, in an infinitely repeating loop. At Cupori, primary Grade A copper is remelted and turned into something extraordinary: next generation copper. 99.995%+ purity of the highest grade. A third of the carbon footprint. It’s called Cupori NEXT.

What is Cupori NEXT?

Recycling always looks backward. We look forward. Through upcycling, we salvage the finest primary electrolytic grade A copper, modifying new beginnings from excess first-grade copper. Cupori NEXT is not just a product, it is a solution that encapsulates our copper’s responsibility and carbon footprint data into one dossier. Empowering you to make a sustainable choice.

“We recognized the critical importance of taking a moment to think about the bigger picture. To look in the mirror. To do our share. And to support our partners on this journey. To be at the forefront, leading the way in sustainability and climate regulation compliance. That led us to think what’s next.”

– Jaakko Heikkilä, CEO, Cupori

Download our guide and gain precise insights into what makes our copper the most responsible choice in the market. You can utilize the guide’s message in your company’s sustainability communications – this is how we can build a more sustainable tomorrow, together.

Copper for every need

From Cupori you can find responsibly produced copper tubes for all kinds of needs. You and your customers deserve the best – that is why our products meet required quality standards, and the guiding principle of our operations is to give our customers the best service we can – and we know what’s coming next.

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