To all our business partners

Due to increase in electricity and energy cost during 2022, it has become inevitable for Cupori Oy to make an adjustment in its pricing for 2023 and include a temporary monthly electricity surcharge in all its deliveries for the time being.

The monthly surcharge applies to all new orders starting immediately.

The monthly surcharge is derived from quotes received monthly every third (3rd) Wednesday and it is NASDAQ OMX Commodities Nordic Power Future’s one (1) month’s price (FP) indication, quoted that date. The monthly surcharge is the sum of the System and District (Finland) electricity prices.
In case the third Wednesday is not a workday in Finland, or FP is not quoted that day, the following workday applies. The monthly surcharge is added on all the confirmed deliveries of the following
calendar month.

Each monthly surcharge is found on Cupori Oy’s web site from page Metal prices.

Yours sincerely,

Marko Uusitalo
CFO, Cupori Oy