The solution for central water-circulation cooling systems of buildings is often based on either chilled beam systems or fan coil units. These systems are used in, for example, office, business and hotel buildings. Chilled beam systems are always implemented as indirect cooling using water-circulation piping. Fan coil units and supply air units can also use water circulation for cooling. Copper is perfectly suited for all of these applications.

  • nearly unlimited service life: in correctly installed, closed cooling systems, corrosion caused by free oxygen is rare
  • thanks to its good flow properties, copper tubes allow for use of higher flow rates in closed cooling circuits
  • suited for water-circulation cooling systems based a chilled beam systems, water-circulation cooling of supply air units or cooling systems using fan coil units
  • the structure of the copper tube remains stable; the material does not age
  • can be installed in difficult and narrow spaces
  • the outer surface of a copper tube does not rust even if condensed
  • self-supporting tube system - supports can be installed using normal intervals