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Regarding the use of the tables, graphs and text contained in this web site, it is well known that the performance of metals in service can be profoundly affected by minor changes in the operation environment. For example, small increases in temperature, changes in acidity, presence of trace elements such as halides, conditions of condensation or concentration, and velocity over the surface may affect corrosion performance.

Furthermore, the fabrication of copper tubes, including mechanical deformation and the variety of joining methods available, and the skill with which these practices are applied may also alter the corrosion resistance and other properties of copper tubes. Conditions of operation and the conscientious application of correct and appropriate maintenance practice can also affect the performance of copper tubes.

All of these factors, including:

  1. accurate anticipation and description of the true operating environments;
  2. correct fabrication practices;
  3. control of operating conditions;
  4. proper maintenance practices,

are the sole responsibility of the designer, fabricator, and user of copper tubes.

Accordingly Cupori makes no representation or warranty regarding, accept any liability for, the performance of any copper tubes either of their own or that of any other producer, in any individual application that may be made based on the information provided in this web site. The obligations of Cupori to users of products are only those expressly set forth in their respective Purchase Order terms and conditions.

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When there is some doubt about the materials selection, it is always advisable to contact the technical service of the supplier of the material.