Cupori's copper is a hygienic material and 100 % recyclable.

Copper in short

Copper is an authentic and pure natural product. It is a hygienic material and 100% recyclable. Copper can withstand both heat and cold. It can transport water, gas and air.

Copper is the world's most studied tubing material and our experience of it dates back over 10,000 years. Like all other natural materials, copper is always up to date and can adapt itself to future needs.

The use of copper and its effects both on the environment and on our health have been widely studied according to the EU protocols on risk assessment. This research has focused on the effects of copper on people, health and the environment. Research findings are also used as criteria for registering materials and chemicals that comply with REACH regulations.

The goal of municipal environmental programmes is to reduce the adverse environmental effects of constructing and using new buildings. Environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient solutions are already selected at the planning stage. Energy saving measures most often focus on renewing heating and cooling system technology, improving air conditioning and updating control technology.


Being 100% recyclable, copper tubing is the environmentally friendly solution for constructors, residents, property owners, plumbers and maintenance personnel alike.
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Copper is an important trace element in our daily lives. Copper is also a hygienic tubing material, as it helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.
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Energy efficiency

Copper's excellent heat conductivity and other technical characteristics make it the overwhelming choice for using renewable energy sources and saving energy.
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